izTRF: Trade Document Processing

An AI based auto data extraction and auto validation of trade finance (International Trade Finance and Invoice Finance) documents.

Business Need

Traditional trade documents processing involves a significant amount of documentation and manual handling of documents. The trade documents are country specific and have multiple formats of each document type. Processing digital copy of documents is time-consuming and costlier. The manual processing of trade documents involves multiple manual steps, such as data entry, verification, and coordination among different departments, this leads to time delays and increased processing time, impacting the overall efficiency of the trade process. Also, Manual data entry increases the risk of errors and inconsistencies in trade documents, resulting in compliance issues and potential financial losses. These errors may require additional time and resources to rectify, causing delays in the trade process and damaging customer relationships.

Therefore, digital transformation is crucial to address the challenges associated with processing of digital documents manually. By adopting auto processing of documents, businesses can significantly streamline processes involving documents. Trade finance involves documents like digital invoices, packing list, electronic bills of lading / airway bill, digital certificates of origin, certificate of insurance and many more documents. Going digital is necessary but extracting information from all digital documents may need manual interventions. Someone from operations or back-office team must read the documents, and manually feed the data in the information systems. Our trade document automation overcomes these challenges by processing your trade documents within minutes.


Our izTRF solution uses AI technologies to classify, extract and validate the data from your trade documents like Certificate of origin, Bill of lading, Airway Bill etc. It can validate information across the document, which may have received at different times. It can also handle documents in different formats / layouts. As these trade documents are country specific and have multiple formats of each document type, we have made our solution template free so that it can supports changes in the document formats. Unlike conventional OCR based solution, this solution requires very less manual intervention during processing resulting in higher STP.

The izTRF can be integrated with any system using APIs. The typical integration touch points are:

  1. Online systems or folders to access and read the trade documents.
  2. 3rd party applications for additional information trade documents.

The izTRF AI platform benefits are as below


Scalability due to faster trade document processing


Accuracy of 80 to 99.9% for Key Value Extraction


TAT (Turn-Around-Time) can be faster due to higher STP %


Productivity can be higher as 4x-10x Productivity through Time Saving

Solution Features

Case Management

Add an index to documents received over a period and map documents to a case

Auto Verification

Matching of the information across the documents with confidence score

Auto Identification

Auto-identification of photos and signatures from documents, if available

Integration using API

Easy integration with workflow/CRM/DMS system using REST API

Sanction screening

Sanction screening integration with 3rd party to identify sanction entities, ports and goods

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