Pricing is easy, which is pay as you go. Refer to the pricing structure below. Pricing is dependent on the exact use-case (dependent on document types: unstructured, semi-structured, structured documents, printed vs handwritten documents, format variations with number of fields, country of use etc.) and volume of pages to be processed every month. Reachout to us so that we can send you a questionnaire post which we provide a quotation.

    Reach out to us

    izDOX Pricing Structure

    One Time Fees

    • Auto processing of documents
    • izDOX UI for quick verification of Non-STP documents
    • Exposed REST API for the extracted fields
    • Dashboard for count of pages and billing
    • On-boarding support
    • izDOX platform deployment document
    • Platform documentation and remote training


    Annual Fees

    • izDOX AI Platform
    • Subscription fee for per page processing
    Verification as a Service: We offer document verification through izDOX AI Platform as a Service.

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