izDOX AI Platform
Cognitive Document Processing using AI for secured, multilingual processing from unstructured, semi-structured docs for faster go no-go decision making.
Secured and faster processing of multilingual KYC documents (National IDs, Driver’s License, Passport etc.) and logistics documents like invoices, receipts, POs, Delivery Notes.
Multi-lingual, NLP enabled and voice enabled conversational BOTs for lead generation, auto customer support and personalized transactions.

About bizAmica


izDOX AI Platform & SMART BOTs

bizAmica, started in 2018, is focused on powering businesses with Artificial Intelligence based on our globally recognized products izDOX AI platform and SMART BOTs suitable across the domains. Providing data privacy and security is paramount to us and is part of our organization culture.

  • Vision

    Powering business with intelligent automation for faster and accurate decision making.

  • Values and Culture

    Trust, Integrity, Agility and Innovation are the 4 guiding pillars of bizAmica culture.

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izDOX AI Platform and APIs

Minimize human intervention

Minimize human intervention through AI document automation to improve productivity (60-200%)

Contact-less Processing

In a Covid-19 struck world “Contact-less” becomes an indispensable part of our processes

Faster Decision Making

Speed up your processes for faster decision making. Vast volumes of variety of information processed

Operational Cost Saving

Saving on operational costs, especially when manual skilled labour is in short supply

Customer Experience

Make secured information searchable real time thereby enhancing customer experience

Simplify verification

Simplify verification, compliance and process audits. Analysed data is used for quick business decisions

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