izDOX Ecosystem Partners

Join the growing company in Cognitive Document Processing. Partner with us to automate & scale enterprise document processing operations.

Creating Value for our Preferred Partners

With customers across the domains, izDOX AI platform is used to process scanned, structured/semi-structured /unstructured, handwritten and multi-lingual documents to get meaningful information extracted and analysed / ready for analysis.
Leverage our izDOX AI platform and partner with us to serve rapidly growing document processing automation market. Access our technical documentation, APIs, domain specific case-studies, platform roadmap & more.

Perfect Partner

IT Product / Services Organization

You are a technology product / services company and build workflow based IT solutions for your global clients in specific domains and now want to implement value added Cognitive Document processing to improve the process efficiency significantly.

IT services

Tech / Domain / Process Consultants

You are a technology / domain / process expert in specific domains (e.g. Banking & Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, Public Sector, and Manufacturing etc.) and have deployed manual / semi-automated document processing for specific use-cases.

Product Reseller

You are a Product reseller who have good industry network in specific domains and have a team to shortlist marketing qualified leads to get prospective clients for cognitive document processing use-cases.


Technology Partners


Become Ecosystem Partner

Collaborate with us to sale izDOX AI Platform that power enterprise cognitive document processing use-cases.