AI enabled SMART BOTs are voice enabled, supports natural language, multi-lingual, omni-channel (social media, website, SMS, messaging apps, email etc.) and can be operated from any of the user devices like
mobile, PC or tablet devices.

Business Need

In various domains like banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and many other; conversational BOTs (SMART BOTs) are being used in areas namely (a) lead generation (b) customer specific queries and transactions (c) generic customer support.

SMART BOT should be omni channel meaning it should be invoked from any channel like social media, website, SMS, messaging apps, email etc. from any of the user devices like mobile, PC or tablet devices.

User should be able to interact for a SMART BOT like conversing with a human in natural language at the same time in a language of his / her choice at any time of the day.

SMART BOT should be able to resolve queries in few seconds without any wait time and help the user to transact, as applicable.

The Bot Lifecycle

Solution :
Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled SMART BOT

Conversations using chat alone are not sufficient. SMART BOT is an end to end BOT platform which uses machine learning (ML), neural networks, natural language processing (NLP) technologies and their combinations for handling (a) voice conversations (b) using natural language (c) in multiple languages (d) using any of the channels mentioned above using any of the devices like mobile phones, PCs and tablets. Moreover, SMART BOTs are secured, self-learn with time and can be accessed easily through URLs.

bizAmica has built SMART BOTs for banks, healthcare providers and technology companies, event organizers, recruitment companies and project management companies. Lead generation and saving precious time of the human resources to automate repetitive tasks are the common benefits.


SMART BOTs Benefits

Reduce Sales Cost

Reduce sales cost and time by capturing inbound leads

Increase The Business

Increase the business. Available 24/7 for an ‘always on’ solution

Efficiency Improvement

Make the sales call with the prospect more effective

Personalized Experience

Provide self-care features to customers as private, personalized experience

Customer Interaction

Enable non-intrusive customer interaction that pleases customers

Digital Services

Services delivered in a modern digital way for the new age Customers

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