Healthcare providers and aggregators need to focus on patient care and satisfaction and not on variety of document types having large volume of documents. izDOX AI platform makes the processing efficient for faster decisions and at the same time ensures data privacy and security.

Business Need

Pandemic situation has significantly increased load on the healthcare system without proportionate increase in the number of trained staff members. There is a significant paper work, in electronic and paper form, at healthcare providers and aggregators. Processing the volume of documents quickly to improve the efficiency and patient / stakeholder experience is a challenge. While addressing the challenge, staff ends up doing repetitive tasks which results in errors and rework. Manual work of document processing by staff restricts the scalability of the healthcare providers and aggregators impacting revenues and profitability.


izDOX AI platform classifies document types and extracts data from each document type having large number of variations in the formats like medical reports, lab reports, patient discharge summary, medical records, forms and so on. Due to technologies used in izDOX AI platform like machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, field level accuracies for printed and handwritten documents are high in the range of 80 to 98%. izDOX AI platform also offers UI for verification of extracted information with the help of color coding to ensure that the information is 100% accurate. The verified information is available for integration with EHR and other core business systems like HIMS, ERP and CRM.

  • The process of collecting, entering, and verifying the patient and insurance information gets streamlined through the izDOX AI platform.
  • Claim forms get processed accurately and cost efficiently from paper and digital medical forms. Process automation ensures data accuracy for billing.
  • Scanning of patient documents followed by document classification, information extraction, auto validation and verification results in elimination of time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.
  • Finally, healthcare providers and aggregators are able to focus on patient care and satisfaction.


Increased Efficiency

Increase business efficiency and revenue

Quality & Accuracy

Increase data quality and accuracy

Reduced Time

Reduce time and expenses significantly

Better Decisions

Improve business decision making and patient care

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