Banking & Finance

Banking and financial organizations can do the risk assessment faster and provide better customer experience and at the same time increase their own productivity, compliance and there by achieve business growth by using izDOX AI platform.

Business Need

AI algorithms to create risk profiles are becoming important during loan approvals. Hence cycle times for loan approvals and disbursements are reducing significantly. Getting the relevant customer demographic and financial data to feed to the underwriting AI models is still a bottleneck. Due to the regulatory compliances, banks and financial institutions globally need to process large volume of document types like application forms, supporting financial & KYC documents, legal documents and so on. Data needs to be captured, classified, and verified from such documents before triggering a business process flow. Conventional document processing involving manual data entry, data verification is time consuming, costly and error prone hence results in higher processing cost and rework cost.

Customers expect an easy and faster loan application process. Missing focus on the customer experience needs or customer delays results in the risk of losing business.

Other financial use-cases like financial instruments processing, customer on-boarding, trade finance have similar challenges.


izDOX AI platform allows automation of a wide variety of financial documents and workflows, including the processing of application forms, KYC, financial documents like bank statements, profit & loss balance sheets, salary stubs, tax documents.

izDOX platform is built to handle millions of documents with ease. Highly secured enterprise solution is available on either private cloud or on premise environment.

Document classification, information extraction & verification and analysis help to cut down the time from loan origination to close significantly. Accurate data and timely decision making helps to improve customer experience and to scale the business. Business rule enabled compliance checks and alerting verifier in case of missing or incorrect information reduces risk.


Actionable Insights

Transform incoming documents into actionable insights for faster decision making.

Template Free

Template free solution for process automation with 4x-20x productivity improvements.

Accelerate Process

Accelerate credit underwriting while processing credit, loan applications and mortgage refinancing.

Best Customer Experience

Improve customer experience during on-boarding at the same time detect frauds during the customer journey.

Error Free Data

Eliminate data entry errors and reduce time and costs in the back office operations.

Increased Efficiency

Increase efficiency of trade finance and settlement operations from trade documents for reconciliation.

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