Hosted SaaS – izDOX AI API service is the means with which your software (say, a mobile or a web app) interacts with izDOX AI platform for faster go no-go decisions for trade finance documents, application forms with supporting documents, logistics documents and more use-cases. Your technical team can consume readily available APIs.

Business Need

When we talk about APIs, we’re referring to interfaces or services accessible over the web. Your technical team can use APIs as part of any application from say mobile app or a web application hosted anywhere.

If your technical team wants to build end-to-end application involving data extraction and/or verification from documents involving workflow, business rules, various integrations etc., it needs AI technical expertise for document processing in the form of machine leaning, neural networks and natural language processing, image processing and also domain knowledge to handle all the variations and additional efforts and time to handle the complexities for arrive at deployable solution. Instead of that, you can start using the available APIs in a pay as you go model for document processing.


izDOX AI REST APIs use a stateless protocol and standard operations in order to achieve fast performance, reliability, security and growth. Secured REST APIs for document processing involving data extraction and/or verification should be used within an application.

Various use-cases involving different document types are supported in a hosted SaaS – izDOX AI Platofrm.

In order to use the APIs you need to have izDOX AI platform API license. We provide license key for API integration. Please get in touch with us to get started.


izDOX AI API Benefits

Document Classification

SaaS AI platform for auto identification of document types in printed and handwritten formats

Extract Data

Auto extraction of meaningful information from large format variations for faster decision making

Validation Across Documents

Auto validation across the documents and with source of truth, as applicable

High Speed Engine

High speed job processing engine for parallel and distributed processing for faster processing

Format Variations

Large format / layout variations is addressed by template free izDOX AI platform

Simple Pricing Model

Pay as you go pricing model makes the decision making easy and provides flexibility

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