KYC Verification

Automated KYC verification and fraud detection using izDOX AI platform helps organizations to process the KYC documents in seconds for faster go no-go decisions and to meet the regulatory compliance. Real-time on-boarding of customers is the reality using the AI platform.

Business Need

  • In Banking, finance, insurance and other B2C businesses; verification of KYC documents is important to detect frauds right up front and to meet the regulatory compliance.
  • In a conventional approach, whether the documents are submitted in an offline or online mode, those are reviewed manually by verifiers.
  • Manual processing of large volume of KYC documents is time consuming and hence creates a bottle-neck to scale business and has higher operational cost.
  • Data extraction from KYC documents having different layouts / formats and low resolution is a challenge.


  • KYC documents in scanned PDF, image formats are imported into the izDOX AI platform with the help of a job processing engine.
  • Auto identification of the documents is done using the classification engine.
  • The extraction engine automatically does quality checks and extracts required data from the documents.
  • Subsequently, auto-validation and fraud detection is done, as applicable.
  • Documents with very high confidence score for the extracted fields are considered for Straight Through Processing (STP).
  • For the remaining documents having low confidence score for few fields, human comes the in loop. izDOX UI makes verification easy due to colour coding based on the confidence scores.
  • The output data with the verification status is then exported for further processing.


  • Automation of image quality checks and improvements, wherever possible.
  • Processing cycle time is just a few seconds.
  • Layout/format agnostic izDOX AI platform works perfectly for the format variations.
  • Faster go no-go decision making for real-time on-boarding and verification of customers.
  • Auto validated KYC data helps to achieve high Straight Through Processing (STP) percentage.
  • KYC verification integration is very easy through APIs.

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