Text Analytics

Text analytics is powered by natural language processing, machine learning models and next-generation APIs to create better experiences for customers of the businesses. Identification of patterns, issues and opportunities can be done by processing underused information.

Converting unstructured and semi-structured data to structured data

From emails, documents, reports, CVs, Web, Social Media

  • Extract useful data by crawling the web sites
  • Processing of messages, emails, etc.
  • Parsing of word, pdf documents

Extracting meaningful insights from structured and unstructured data

Data analysis and data visualization

  • Categorization, entity extraction, sentiment analysis and natural language processing
  • Analyze survey responses, large numbers of documents
  • Summarization of information, data investigation

Legal Document Processing Case:

Case Input Variable Output Variable Accuracy
Multiclass classification on 4 Provisions Text Clause Provisions 95.83%