Feedback from our clients:

Hindavi Technologies

bizAmica is providing Consulting Services to Hindavi Technologies. The ability of the team to understand the business and technical requirements and provide scalable solutions in variety of areas like Mobile applications on Android, iOS, Web / Server side including AWS Cloud is excellent. I strongly recommend bizAmica for Mobile, Web application development in any technology areas. The team also has good execution capabilities in latest digital technologies like NLP based AI and Machine Learning.

Rohan Karnataki, CEO


Below is the feedback from the participants of the "Hands-on Machine Learning with Python" workshop. The workshop was conducted by Rahul Bhanose and Sanjay Sane.

Devendra Bhise, HSBC

Before the workshop one of my colleagues who was learning ML and Python himself told me to self-learn because python has required APIs and you need to only code / implement. But after the workshop I am very happy because the way the logic behind each algorithm was explained was the most exiting learning which we would not get from Internet. We could ask many questions and could get answer to each one and we felt satisfied and got benefited. The knowledge of both the faculties is tremendous.

Akshay Deshmukh, Nitor

Before the workshop I worked on Azure ML but I did not know about the algorithms. Here I learnt the algorithms. Good part is that before executing hands-on we got knowledge about the algorithms. Both the faculties were interactive and were helpful.

Mandar Raibagi, VMWare

Congrats and thanks to both of you for arranging the fantastic workshop. This is a good kick starter program for those who want to start thinking more about data science and ML. The content is very good, very well organized in terms of datasets and programs. Logic / theory and hands-on combination were good as well. What happens behind the algorithms is explained really well. Long duration workshops will be more useful. I look forward to data Labs and taking the learning further.

Suyog Belsare, MasterCard

First of all thanks to both of you for arranging such a great workshop. Data Science and Machine Learning is a vast field and in order to start learning we need to know the starting point and we got to know the starting point. We could learn mathematics and use of the same in actual coding and that was the best part.