Voice bots for Finance, Healthcare and Recruitment Industries:


Building voice bot for a large hospital. More challenging use cases with voice.


Building voice bots to help recruiters to close the positions faster there by helping the businesses to increase the revenue and that too in lesser cost.


Our client is a leading technology company in banking domain. bizAmica is building voice + chat bot to help their clients. The voice bot creates differentiation for the banks and helps end users to inquire about their loan requirements through personalised conversation. 24 x 7 availability helps the end users to get their queries resolved and helps banks to grow their business and reduce support cost. In the process improves customer satisfaction.

Another interesting bot is developed to get “promise to pay” from loan installment defaulter by negotiating with the defaulter. The user can pay either entire amount during the conversation or pay partial amount immediately agreeing to paying installments. User can request for a call back from the collection agency as well.

Processing of Legal documents:

Building machine learning algorithm to identify risks from legal documents and classify those as low / medium / high.

Techno-commercial solution in XAI (Explainable AI):

bizAmica created technical proposal document having commercial grade solution in XAI space to get funding from US govt. organization for our US based client.

  • Researched current state and developments in Explainable AI space
  • Identified current limitations and focus areas
  • Defined innovations
  • Proposed Solution Architecture and scalable Technical Architecture leveraging existing open source technologies
  • Defined R&D objectives and execution plan

Voice bots for Exhibitions and Events Industry:

Building bots having presence on website or Google Assistant or Facebook Messenger as channels for exhibition and events industry. The bots help end users pre-event, during event and post-event engagements. Bot helps event organizers to save precious resources on event management.

Data Science for logistics domain:

Working with a company which is a global leader in Big Data and Analytics space. The project work is related to Logistics domain. As a part of pre-processing, a large amount of raw data is processed using Python to get the useful parameters to be used during machine learning.

Enterprise Mobility Solution for e-Learning:

Worked with a leading technology company having their presence in North America and Asia. Project work was to build a cross platform mobile application for e-learning in K-12 space for B2B and B2C clients in India and Middle-East. The application is built using react-native framework for building native applications on iOS and Android tablet devices.

Technology Consulting:

Working with a product based company who have their product for event and exhibition management industry with their major client base outside India.


    Technology consulting work is being executed to

  • Conduct architecture and design assessment, development, test and support process assessment
  • Improve AWS hosted logical and physical architecture
  • Conduct iOS and android device assessment and improve application performance
  • Web Front End, Web Server and Database assessment
  • SDLC improvement in
    • Requirement Engineering
    • Software Development
    • Software Testing
    • Software Project Management
    • Software Support