Bot – Financial Services

Within financial services, voice + chat bots help the consumers to get the services conveniently from anywhere at any time. There is no need to wait on a call. Voice + chat bot brings value to the customers and help businesses to grow business and optimize resource cost.

Why voice + chat bots?
Customers demand instant form of communication. Business can respond by providing personalized service through voice+ chat bot. Bots exceed expectations as well.

  1. User engagement: Bots perform tasks in 24/7 environment.
  2. Intelligence: Bots enable a better understanding of customer demands and behavior, which helps business to respond appropriately.

bizAmica has built a voice bot for the Financial Services Domain. Explore the bot and partner with us to offer Voice Bots for your clients. 

Video of Bot for Loan Inquiries:


Below are few use-cases in the financial sector:

  1. Customer Acquisition
  2. Execute transactions with payments
  3. Submit transaction requests
  4. Customer Support through self-service
  5. Negotiations with clients
  6. Respond to FAQs
  7. Appointment booking
  8. Conduct Surveys, Receive Feedback
  9. Many more…