Bot – Events

As mobile app downloads and usage decrease, the use of messaging apps continues to surge. People all over the world use messaging apps more than any other channel. Hence company / brand – customer communications are increasingly moving to chat.

We have built a SMART BOT for the Event / Exhibition Domain. Explore the bot and partner with us. Click Here for the Exhibition bot.

Below is the short video about the event bot:

The Event bot assists the Event Organizers in saving precious resources on event management, providing efficient service to event attendees and helping them communicate with ease in 24/7 environment. This results in improvement in end user engagement.

Benefits of the event bot:

  1. Increase event attendees
  2. Engage with attendees
  3. Improve attendee experience


Important event bot features are:

  1. Ticket sell / event registration
  2. Answer FAQs
  3. Provide real time information about Exhibitors, Conferences and Speakers
  4. Surveys and feedback
  5. Lead generation for sponsors
  6. Event notifications and reminders