Data Science & ML Meetup

We host a meet-up group for Data Science and Machine Leaning since Dec. 2017. The group has 1500+ members.

Our goal is to create a strong data science community and discuss trending topics in the field. Moreover, we regularly invite industry experts and thought leaders who share their knowledge and experiences. This is to help the members to make the best use for the advancement in their career.

Group Objectives:

• Conduct Meet-ups, webinars, and workshops on various Data Science topics.

• Meetup Leaders to provide data-science consulting, project execution and product development services to companies in USA, UK, UAE, Dubai, Australia and India.

• Provide Remote, Freelance and full-time job opportunities to the experienced Data Scientists.

• Mentor aspiring data scientists and also provide them internship opportunities with BizAmica and other Data science companies.

• ‘Innovative Data Lab’: We are the pioneers in India to launch ‘data Science lab’ to help entry-level data scientists in gaining real-life data science project experience.

• ‘Start-ups Mentoring’: We help the start-ups to evaluate their innovative ideas in terms of business viability and guide them to bring ‘data science’ based scientific decision-making early in their start-ups to gain competitive advantage.

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