Conversational Bots

bizAmica builds voice + chat bots (botAmica) for businesses based on Self Learning Capability (Supervised Machine Learning (ML)) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for a variety of cases.

Application of voice / chat bots is in the areas like customer support, education, finance, insurance, events, healthcare, HR, food, games, marketing, news, personal, shopping, entertainment, social, sports, travel and utilities.

Modern consumers like to drive the way the interactions are handled. Instantaneous self-service, personalized and interactive conversation is desirable. People feel happier with a communication experience via a bot.

Business Benefits:

bizAmica has built a voice bots for Banking Technology Company, Event Organizers and Recruitment Company. Lead generation and saving precious time of the human resources to automate repetitive tasks are the common benefits. Voice + Chat bot allows the organizations to have a 24/7 service to attend to their customers’ needs. Voice + Chat bot allows the humans to focus more on productive work.

Have a look at a demo and partner with us to offer Voice Bots for your clients.

Why botAmica?:

    • Client Acquisition and Lead Generation
    • Execute transactions with payments
    • Provides quick answers; No wait time
    • Bot based Help-desk
    • Information & Feedback System
    • Social Media Integration
    • Smooth experience for users
    • Improved customer satisfaction

In addition to the Websites, Bots can be made available for major channels like:


Facebook Messenger                      Alexa                                    Google Assistant



Skype                            Telegram                               Slack                          Cortana