Bot – Recruitment

Many companies are looking to develop bots that make the lives of professionals (candidates) quicker and simpler. Information about job opportunities can be communicated via different platforms along with the bot link, such as:

  • SMS (Text Messaging)
  • Email
  • Messaging Apps like WhatsApp
  • Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • Recruitment-specific Software such as an ATS

Recruitment is a human-led industry and the need to deal with a real person in the cycle is not going anywhere. Voice + text bots are designed to take over the repetitive tasks and the recruiter needs to select the suitable ones from the qualified candidates and process those further.

An effective voice + text bot makes life of recruiter easier and speed up the hiring process. Voice + chat bots are the assistant to the busy recruiter, taking on the heavy-lifting and boring jobs and doing them in an efficient manner.